Kocaeli Metropolitan City made a study visit to Barcelona for Climate Change.

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23 February 2018
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30 March 2018

Kocaeli Metropolitan City made a study visit to Barcelona for Climate Change.

The European Union and the Republic of Turkey funded by the “Climate Change in Turkey in the field of Capacity Building Grant Program under the Kocaeli Metropolitan carried out by the Municipality” Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Initiative “project, the Working Visit to the city of Barcelona, Spain was held.

Leading examples in the preparation of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory (SGE) and Climate Change Action Plan (IDEP) are the most successful regions in the literature, such as regional warming network, transport network, renewable energy, energy efficiency and urban planning. A study visit was made between February 2018.

6 institutions / organizations actively participating in the fight against climate change during the 3-day field visit within the framework of visits to the Barcelona study visit program organized by the Environmental Protection and EU External Relations Departments of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control and Institutional Development Departments two visits were made to the site to see the practices and to examine the good practices.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Provincial Environment and Urban Planning Directorate, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Kocaeli Provincial National Education Directorate, Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli Environment Eng. Chamber, Kocaeli City Council and Rec Regional Environmental Center.

In the international technical study and review program, which is designed to follow latest innovations and studies in the field of climate change and to see successful applications on the spot,

the delegation was informed about the capacity building and cooperation activities for the local governments on climate change, and details of the climate change action plan in practice and the targets related to the current plans were shared with the delegation.

Participants were also informed about climate change mitigation, adaptation and training strategies, as well as opportunities for sharing experiences in the context of sustainable urban planning and strategic planning.

Within the program, a field visit to the Zona Franca Biomass Power Plant of the Ecoenergies regional heating and cooling network was carried out. The delegation was informed by the General Manager of Ecoenergies about the regional heating and cooling network where the two plants were connected.

The study visit, which provided participants with the opportunity to learn about climate change studies and exchange experiences, also laid the groundwork for establishing contacts with representatives from other countries and, in the future, transforming these relations into partnerships.