Project Activities

1. Establishment of the Project Office

2. Research

2.1.Literature Scanning

2.2 Working Group Meetings

2.3.Masking Analysis

2.4.Raporl Game


2.6.Pay Owners Workshops


2.8.Test and Final Action Plan

3. Education

3.1.Gench Climate Leaders Program

3.2 Capacity Building Program

3.3 Climate Change Activities

Study Visit 4

5. Climate Change Studies at the Science Center

5.1. Climate Change and Environment Exhibition

5.2.Climate and Science

6. Dissemination Activities

Establishment of the Project Office

Within the scope of the project, Project Coordinator, Assistant and Financial Expert and Researcher will be hired.
An office area has been established for effective execution of the office project and efficient operation of the project team.
The project will be carried out by the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control.
Research – Greenhouse Gas Inventory Studies

A sector-based approach covering municipal jurisdiction envisages a sub-sector based approach (heating, lighting, transportation, etc.) that leads to energy consumption in the sectors (housing, commerce, industry, transportation, etc.) and greenhouse gas emissions.
The report covers CO2, CH4, NO2, HFC, PFC, SF6, etc. at municipal boundaries. the study will include a detailed analysis of the greenhouse gases for the entire sector and sub-sector.
Facilitator’s Review, Determination of Methodology and Creation of Work Scope
Stakeholder Analysis and Investigation of Data Sources
Inventory Preparation Workshop
Data Collection and Analysis
Greenhouse Gas Inventory Vehicle Adaptation to Municipality
Inventory Monitoring, Reporting, Preparation of Confirmation Plan and Workshop
Research – Preparation of Climate Change Action Plan

The Action Plan to be prepared;

Urban transformation, per capita green space, environmental transportation, bicycle routes, intersection applications, smart traffic applications (smart stop, traffic light, etc.)
Use of renewable energy sources in the city (parking etc.),
Environmental approaches in waste management (disposal methods such as thermal conversion from regular landfills, promotion and recycling of recycling, etc.)
Disaster management,
Urban green space systems and so on. recommendations, actions, institutional tasks, cost suggestions and timeframes for the future as advised in their areas.
Research – Preparation of Climate Change Action Plan

Determination of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target
Stakeholders Responsible for Action, Action Areas and Action Determination Workshops (2 workshops)
Stakeholder Survey
Creating a Draft Action Plan
Reporting of the Final Action Plan
Announcement of Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan

The training work package will consist of three subpackages:

Young Climate Leaders Program,
Capacity Building Program
Climate Change Trainings
Young Climate Leaders Program

100 volunteers will participate in high school and university students, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the largest camp in central Turkey “Resurrection Camp” in 3-day young climate camp will be held.
Capacity Building Program

13 local governments, the Governor’s Office, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, the Development Agency, 2 universities and 5 environmental NGOs will receive a total of 50 experts / decision-makers.
With the program, the project will be disseminated locally and the draft report will be finalized and action plan will be reached.
Potential possibilities will be discussed with participation of local stakeholder diversity.
Climate Change Activities

Various trainings such as training courses on climate change issues will be organized.
Trainings will be conducted by experts or environmental engineers.
Approximately 12 pages of the “Climate Change Regulation” book will be developed, which contain practical information on the topic of distribution. The book will be published in 2,500 copies to reach primary and middle school students ages 7-15.
A total of 2,500 students will benefit from the program.
Study Visit

The Climate Change Strategic Action Act, the Action Plan, the Environmental Center and the Science Center will be followed by a 3-day study visit to see the Environmental Education Department.
Climate Change Studies at Science Center

Climate Change and Environment Exhibition

An artistic design of an exhibition made of waste electronic materials will be created with 20 volunteers from 7 to 15 selected.
The exhibition will be the subject of Waste and Climate Change.
Thus, children, motor, capacitor, sensor, transistor, guiding etc. Will have knowledge about working principles
They will learn the idea of ​​renewable energy and recycling.
Climate Change Studies at Science Center

Climate and Science

Students will be contributing to the development of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ideology in order to increase research history, design skills and communication levels and to make more precise production against Climate Change.
Benefit before the initialization phase of software courses at primary and secondary levels